Blau Hotels

“In this life people are needed for everything, no one is better or worse than anyone else, and everyone has a dream, and a company will get nowhere if it does not give importance to each of its team members.”


Jordi Roselló Andreu

Founder of the Roxa Group


For Jordi Rosselló Andreu this was one of his fundamental pillars, this has been clear since he founded his tailoring shop in 1942 with the aim of diversifying into several sectors, among them, the hotel industry with the Blau Hotels & Resorts chain. Today this legacy is the same now that the company is headed by his son, Jordi J. Rosselló, who has surrounded himself with the best professionals for this important time of change in this new phase of the chain.

As a result of this collaboration, the group is laying the foundations for its future with a new team led by Pablo Suárez to guide the company in the wave of changes and take the position of General Director. The team that will mark the new era of the Roxa Group has an entrepreneurial spirit, and an approach based on dedication, creativity and motivation as its base.


The new model

This has led to a new management style where the focus is on people, both internally with the vision of their colleagues and employees, and from the client’s vision. The recently determined brand identity was released with the aim of being a leading provider in the tourist sector, innovating with people who motivate others and with the purpose of being able to enjoy providing value with a friendly management that incorporates the vision of our network of colleagues and strategic partners.

All this is based on the values: innovation, closeness, sustainability (both business and environmental), as well as being geared towards results and efficiency.


The new Blau

Following the internal changes that have been taking place, we are working on the definition of new different brands, a premium and an urban midscale, the launches of which are scheduled for 2019.

Also, within this process we have worked introspectively to define the new Blau. A hotel chain that focuses on sunshine holidays where each member of the family can enjoy a unique stay, designed specially for them and focussing on what will inspire with imagination and make even the little ones dream. Hotels adapted to the present time, dedicated to indulging the taste buds and offering experiences to enliven all the senses.

Blau is more than a meeting place; it is a club, a place where our client will always be the most important, our focus and priority. A new and restored story is beginning here for our guests.


Welcome to Blau.