Actividades en Oviedo

What? You still aren’t sure where you’re going to escape to? Don’t worry, we have the best plan for your holiday. What if we told you that we have thought of the ideal destination for you? We know you are always looking for something a little alternative and you don’t love the usual sun and beach holidays. You always want to discover something different and new. How about we visit the north? More specifically, what do you think if we visit Oviedo? At Blau Hotels for Holidays we suggest 5 reasons to visit Oviedo this season. Ready to be convinced?

Qué v

  1. A fairytale city

These are the words the filmmaker Woody Allen used on his first visit to the city. Not only because Oviedo leads the ranking as the cleanest city in Spain, but because it’s beautiful buildings, gardens and squares will bring you closer to a nineteenth-century city that will captivate you. With a pleasant walk through the city center where, by the way, almost all of its streets are pedestrianised, you will arrive at the beautiful Cathedral Square, the star of the book “La Regenta”, by Leopoldo Alas Clarín. There you can appreciate the wonderful Gothic architecture of the Cathedral and the magic that oozes from all the buildings that surround it. From there, you can see the Town Hall square, the Campo de San Francisco, the busy calle Uría, the train station, the Campoamor theatre and the Church of San Juan el Real. This lovely tour through the city can end in the Plaza del Fontán. As the location of the Sunday market, this square is famous for its food market, for its library and for the many bars that can be found there and are the perfect option when looking to savour a refreshing “sidrina” (cider).


  1. Heart stopping scenery

Here in Asturias, green is the predominant colour in every landscape. However that colourful mixture of ochre, white, brown, blue and red creates landscapes worthy of a photo. If you are a lover of nature, then you will love Oviedo. To begin with, we recommend walking through Invierno Park and the San Francisco Park. The first is located near the outskirts of the city. Its extensive fields and walkways allow visitors to play sports, stretch out on the grass and enjoy a snack in the bar found there. The San Francisco Park is located in the centre of the city, and is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant walk, sit on a bench under the large trees and relax watching people walk by. Another great place that you have to visit is the old Santa María del Naranco palace. An architectural and visual jewel that dates back to the pre-Romanesque era that is located on top of Mount Naranco, just outside of Oviedo. Finally, we also recommend that you visit the parroquia de Priorio, very close to Las Caldas, which is a great tourist attraction from the Romanesque era that has large gardens and an ivy covered facade.

Qué comer en Oviedo

  1. “We come to fartanos!”

Be prepared to eat very well. Asturias is a paradise for delicious homemade dishes. Also not only that, but here when you order food in a restaurant they will bring you the “perola” (the typical saucepan from Asturias) – and if they don’t, then they are not Asturian. Ready to feel stuffed? Well, take note! The first thing you must remember is that the cachopo is not to be shared, and if you share it then you will regret it. Here you come to eat or do not come at all. Sausages, cheeses, preñaos buns, stone-grilled meats, “pixín” Monkfish, fabada (a dish made of beans), beans with clams, pote (a typical pork dish), pastel de cabracho (a fish pate), pitu de caleya (a typical chicken dish), rice pudding, beans and cider….a lot of cider! Because here the cider is drunk like water and the same glass is shared among many. In Asturias it is drank at all hours! So if you want to go to bars to drink and eat, we recommend you try those in calle Gascona and those of El Fontán. Furthermore if you want to experience a very typical Asturian atmosphere then head towards the residential area of ​​Colloto and visit the cider breweries (llagares as they are known in Asturias). You will love it!

P.S. If they invite you to an “espicha” (a communal dinner with local produce), just ask the time and place and do not miss it for anything in the world.

Sidra típica de Asturias

  1. Asturians and “la folixa”

You are bound to fall in love with Oviedo and Asturias in general, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, food, drink, activities and culture! Whether you want it or not, if you are lost, a local “guide” will always spontaneously appear to recommend to you all the best places to visit or, simply, to have a quick conversation. With the locals you will feel a warmth like being at home and, although they are convinced that you can get a tan even when it’s overcast and that you can bathe in the Cantabrian sea when it is just 15 degrees outside, the truth is that whoever meets an Asturian has a friend forever and it’s very easy to meet them! If they tell you “vamos de folixa” or “güey la entama” it means let’s party. In September the most important celebrations in Oviedo take place. These are the celebrations of San Mateo, which is a whole event that features music, traditional dances, shows, concerts, crafts and cider…. lots of cider. There are also other notable dates in the calendar such as Martes de Campo (Field Tuesday), The Ascension, The Antroxu and the New Year’s celebrations of La Vijanera, all of which are perfect for mixing with the locals and learning how to pour cider and “fartucu como un gochu” (eating until you can’t eat anymore).

P.S. It is likely that when talking with an Asturian you will repeatedly hear a “ho”. They use it to express surprise, fear or anger. What does it mean? It’s a mystery.

Las Caldas

  1. The ultimate relaxation upon arrival

Just like the one you will find at the Las Caldas Spa & Sport hotel. If we have already convinced you to travel to this beautiful capital of the north, we suggest you stay in one of the best hotels in Oviedo. You will find yourself in a beautiful setting in the countryside of Asturias. The perfect place to close your eyes and relax in the rural environment that oozes history, nature and culture. This accommodation is part of the Las Caldas Villa Termal resort and is considered the best sport, active tourism and spa resort in all of Spain. Hot springs, spa, wellness centre, sports centre, beauty parlour and guided tours. This is an excellent option in Oviedo and so give yourself an exclusive treat in a hotel specially designed to make all your wishes come true. Check out the offers at the Las Caldas Spa & Sport hotel and pamper yourself like you deserve. Come and visit!

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