Celebrar San Juan en Blau Hotels for Holidays

Do you hear it? The festivities of San Juan are getting closer and that only means one thing: Hello summer! Yes! At last! At last it is time to change up the wardrobe and take advantage of the weather with trips and endless sunsets on terraces. And what better way to celebrate than immersing yourself in one of the most popular parties in Majorca?

Yes, you already know what we are talking about. Although its origin lies in the beautiful island of Menorca, the truth is that this celebration has gained a very special place in Majorca, becoming a classic that attracts a large number of visitors every year. Would you like to join in with one of the biggest celebrations of the summer? Here you have everything that is going on in Majorca on June 23rd.

One night on the beach

A classic if ever there was. San Juan and the beach have gone hand in hand from practically the pagan origins of the fiesta. This has an explanation: both the fire and the sea share purifying powers. According to tradition, the beaches are filled with bonfires where attendees burn a piece of paper which has aspects of their lives that they would like to change written on it.

When midnight arrives, one has to get into the water and jump the waves 7 times as a sign of good luck. This ritual is part of the magic of the celebration, and it is recommended that one organises a picnic to bring to one of the beaches of the main cities or towns  to fully enjoy the party atmosphere.

A different party

Who doesn’t want to try something different and enjoy another side of San Juan? If you prefer to try a more exclusive plan, we recommend that you consult the San Juan activities that we organise at our hotels in Majorca. Our 5-star hotel in Porto Petro has prepared activities for the whole family with fun workshops for children, parades, barbecues, a special disco, fire runs, live music and bonfires.

If you want to be dazzled by the magic of Colonia de Sant Jordi, our Blau Colonia de Sant Jordi Resort & Spa has a weekend full of entertainment with a circus, sports, shows and fire runs. Alternatively, if you prefer to enjoy a weekend at the Punta Reina Resort we offer activities for children, fitness activities, shows and a foam party. Sounds good right?

The party in the capital

The most famous and, of course, the one that we couldn’t miss off the list. To celebrate San Juan in Palma is to experience Palma at its best.Enjoy a unique night in which the party and culture come together to offer an incredible experience. During the afternoon, barbecues are organised in practically all neighbourhoods of the city. Locals and visitors gather around them to grill their food and socialise.

Celebrate San Juan in Blau Hotels for Holidays

Around 21hr a great show in Parque del Mar begins that lasts all night and includes fireworks set off by Demons, who are volunteers in disguise that also chase attendees with large flares. The night also involves concerts and food trucks. The best part? That the beach is right next door!

Fire, bonfires and villages

Perhaps you are eager to go out in search of a small town where the atmosphere is a little more intimate than in the capital? In this case, whether you choose a town in Tramuntana or if you opt for a coastal option, you won’t be disappointed by the magic that this celebration holds.

Fire, flares, bonfires and drums come together in the picturesque villages at night along with plenty of concerts, exhibitions and a party spirit that you won’t forget.

An alternative option

If you are one of those who like to party and prefer to do something different, we recommend that you visit one of the famous party destinations like Sa Possessió, Paseo Marítimo and Santa Catalina, where activities and alternative parties are always organised for all those who want to enjoy of a different kind of night.

Experience the magic of San Juan with Blau Hotels for Holidays.