Flor de Sal

To pep things up, it is certainly difficult to find typical Majorcan dishes that don’t have, at least, a pinch of salt. On the island, we are also lucky enough to have a unique and totally native variety that, for its fine quality and texture, has already crossed borders.

What was currency for the ancient Romans (then called “salarium argentum“) is now having a new golden age in Majorca thanks to the popularity that Sal de Es Trenc has acquired under the Flor de Sal brand; a brand that has invested a hundred percent in giving a name to the indigenous salt with unique, completely original packaging that reflects the philosophy of life on the island.

Although when lots of people talk about Es Trenc they are talking about almost 4 kilometres of beach that is as good as you can find in the Caribbean or Maldives; the truth is that Es Trenc has a well-kept secret which aims to please the most discerning palates … This area is a land of salt, and nothing less than the special Es Trenc Salt.

The area at ​​the southeast of Majorca is precisely where you will find the Salinas de Es Trenc, an impressive place from which the sea salt is extracted from rafts formed by crystalline waters and in which those precious crystals of Flor de Sal are formed that after already touring the world are drying under the Majorcan sun. If you are thinking of taking an alternative trip to the island this summer, don’t miss visiting them since in summer you will see the salt flats in all their splendour.

Es Trenc salt is delicious (we are often told) and very subtle on the palate, so it is definitely recommended to give a touch of flavour to any of your dishes (either a baked meat or a summer salad made with vegetables from the garden). One thing we love is its range of flavours in that you can find salt mixed with aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme or oregano … an extra touch of flavour that will make your recipes taste better than ever.

After its successful entrance to the world of gourmet cuisine, Sal de Es Trenc is one of those products that nowadays are never missing from amongst the ingredients of the most gourmand international chefs. We are talking about a fully crafted salt for which three things are necessary: ​​a lot of sun, a soft breeze and very little humidity (something that on a humid island like Majorca is saying a lot).

Do you want to know a trick to make your barbecues a success this summer? Cook the meat when the flame goes down (what in Majorca we call “el caliu”) and do it first on one side and then on the other. Once the meat is on the plate, pour some salt flakes on top (either natural or with herbs) and enjoy! Try it because it is a safe bet you’ll love it.

If you are going to go for a dip to the beach of Es Trenc don’t hesitate to visit its salt mines and get a pot of Flor de Sal as a gift for yourself and your family. If you would also like to enjoy first class cuisine in a spectacular setting, our Colonia de Sant Jordi Blau has restaurants, swimming pools, spa and a large number of amenities where you can enjoy a unique experience in front of Es Trenc. Check the special discounts we have prepared on the official website of Blau Colonia de Sant Jordi Resort & Spa and enjoy the best online price guaranteed on all your reservations.

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