If you have never been to Majorca and have never visited the quaint town of Portopetro, then you are missing one of the most picturesque areas of the island. This tiny Mallorcan fishing village exudes true tranquility, with many residing here year around. A desirable destination throughout the entire year, this little paradise is surrounded by impressive coves boasting crystal clear waters, natural parks, open fields and farms featuring immense olive trees, sandy roads, forests with gentle pine trees…and our very own Blau Privilege Portopetro Beach Resort & Spa.

The centre of town looks like it were directly from fairy tale, with traditional houses facing the port, which is not only how the town received its name but what fills it with life. The surrounding promenade connects to main streets and plazas, while the periphery of the town has almost no buildings. A short walk and you’ll find a spectacular cliff topped with a magical Mallorca lighthouse and one of the best viewpoints in the Mediterranean.

Portopetro, Majorca is defined by tranquility, tradition, history, its leisurely pace and welcoming people who share everything like a big family. Visiting Portopetro is a way to immerse yourself in its culture, while at the same time taking a break from the stress, routine and frantic world of the city. It’s like traveling back in time but without giving up the best of what we have today.

Portopetro offers a bit of everything for everyone, from water sports to trendy bars and chill out spots where you can spend days and nights without thinking about anything other than enjoying the present moment. The music, sound of the sea and the murmur of great conversations is what make this hidden paradise a place you must experience in person. The Portopetro beach is also one of the most picturesque in the area, and while it is usually busy on the weekends, during the week you can enjoy its true tranquility while lying in the sun, playing paddleball or making sandcastles with your kids.

After the beach it’ll be time to savour the delicious dishes of the Mediterranean. Typical Mallorcan cuisine is part of the Portopetro fabric, and you’ll be able to enjoy the most traditional dishes which have been passed along through the generations. The family atmosphere and welcoming restaurants of the town are the secret ingredient to this corner of Mallorca. Full of flavor, you must try the fish dishes, grilled shrimp, rice and other traditional entrees, while island favourites like homemade alioli, local sausages and tapas with seafood and meats are always in supply. Come and enjoy it all at our 5-star Portopetro hotel and fall in love with the taste of the Mediterranean. Bon profit!

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