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Mallorca, a magical Mediterranean paradise and the ideal place to enjoy outdoor sports like cycling. While there are many things to do in Mallorca, the island is a treasure chest for those who wish to discover it by bike.

Mallorca cycling routes offer an authentic experience that will take you to unique and charming corners of the landscape and offer up breath-taking views. There’s nothing better than combining natural beauty with the health benefits of exercise.

Stick with us as we guide you through why Mallorca is the ideal biking destination, when is the best time of year to take cycling holidays, several cycling tips, and a list of the best cycling routes in Mallorca.

Why should you take your cycling holiday in Mallorca?

I think the more appropriate question would be ‘why not?’ Mallorca is becoming one of Europe’s most sought after cycling destinations, with more than 150,000 cycling tourists taking to the roads each year in an industry worth upwards of €150 million on a yearly basis.

Here are just a few of many reasons why Mallorca is the perfect cycling destination:

  • Roads – The island boasts more than 1,250 kilometers of road, 20% of which are tucked away in the Tramuntana Mountains. Mallorca also offers quality roads that make for safer and less stressful routes.
  • Weather – Warm weather year-round and over 300 days of sun make it a cycling oasis, especially during autumn, winter, and spring.
  • Location – One of the most visited destinations in all of Europe, finding cheap and direct flights from most locations in Europe is quite easy.
  • Variety – From professional cyclists to leisure riders, the island has something for everyone. Riders will also discover everything from steep mountain climbs to flat countryside, making the island ideal for all levels. Current professional cycling teams are frequently seen training, while legendary riders Stephen Roche and Miguel Indurain used the terrain for their preparations.
  • Biking infrastructure – From cycling hotels, bike shops, specialist cycling tours and cycling road signs which are easily marked make Mallorca a cycling oasis.
  • Size – Mallorca is an island, and not one the size of Greenland! Packed into such a small area you can find varying terrain which is all very close and accessible. Towns are also situated quite close to one another which makes pit stops and refueling easier.

Oh, did we mention it’s beautiful? We could go on and on as to why Mallorca is one of the best cycling destinations in the world, but we hope you’ll come and discover the rest for yourself!

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What is the best time of year for your cycling holidays in Mallorca?

If you like being stuck behind traffic while sweating profusely, then June through August would be perfect for you! However, we don’t recommend it. These months are the peak tourist season in Mallorca, while also boasting boating daily temperatures around 30o C. 

Here is a breakdown of the best times of year to visit Mallorca for a cycling holiday:

  • Autumn (September – November): Temperatures start to cool down and the heavy tourist season slowly comes to an end. Average high temperatures range from 27o C in September to 19o C in November. Beware that October and November tend to be the rainiest months, but you will still find plenty of sunshine.
  • Winter (December – February): This is the low season in Mallorca meaning that the roads are quiet. Average high temperatures hover around 15o – 17o C with chances of rain, but still plenty of sun. Generally this is the time of year professional cyclists come to train.
  • Spring (March – May): This time period makes up the peak season for amateur cyclists, while the vast majority of hotels, restaurants, and bars begin to open back up. High temperatures for these three months hover between 17o – 23o C.

Each season sees a variation of hotels, restaurants, bars, and bike shops opening and closing, especially towards the tail end of the main tourist season in October and the starting back up of the tourist season in March/April.

Mallorca Cycling Tips

There are plenty of cycling tips that we could bog you down with, but we imagine you already know the vast majority of them. Here are just a few cycling tips for your holiday to Mallorca:

  • Hire a bike: The popularity of cycling in Mallorca means that the island is well equipped for cycling holidays. With this said, you usually break even when hiring a bike on the island versus paying the high airline fees to bring your own. Plus it’s less of a hassle.
  • Pack for the weather: Depending on the time of year you come you’ll want to make sure you bring the proper clothing. Rain jackets and thermal gear are certainly recommended in late fall and winter. Keep in mind that temperatures also vary considerably from sea level to the tops of the peaks.
  • Enjoy a bit of everything: Unless you’re training for a competition then we highly recommend cycling various types of terrain. From the mountains to the inland to the coast, there is beauty around every turn!
  • Bring a Spanish speaker: If possible, bring someone who speaks a decent level of Spanish in case you find yourself in an emergency. Many people in the smaller towns don’t speak English, so be prepared if possible.
  • Take cash: Restaurants and bars in the smaller towns may not accept card payments, so bring cash with you just in case.
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent (September): Depending on when you come, the sun can be very strong, so be sure and use sunscreen. Late summer and early autumn can also see plenty of bugs, so take a small bottle of bug spray with you.
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Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca

Now for the main course! 

Keep in mind that this list isn’t all-encompassing by any means, but it does highlight a few of the most famous cycle routes Mallorca has to offer, while also providing a variety of options and terrains. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Andratx to Port de Pollenca Cycle Route

  • Distance: 115 km
  • Elevation Gain: 2,500 m
  • Difficulty: Hard

The Andratx to Port de Pollenca cycle route runs along the spine of the Tramuntana Mountains from the north to the south, and is often considered one of the best cycling routes in Mallorca. You’ll experience some of the best views in Mallorca while passing through Puig Major (the highest point on Mallorca), Can Costa, and much more. You’ll also experience some of Mallorca’s most spectacular villages such as Sóller, Deià, Valldemossa, and Banyalbufar. This route also features “add-ons” for those seeking a tougher challenge, such as Port de Valldemossa, Sa Calobra, and Port des Canonge. 

Tips: There are plenty of tour companies that will shuttle you out to your starting destination, such as Mallorca Cycle Shuttle. Also, be sure and bring some form of lighting for the tunnels, and keep in mind that depending on the season the roads can be quite busy.

Cap de Formentor Cycle Route

  • Distance: 36 km
  • Elevation Gain: 960 m
  • Difficulty: Medium

While not the longest cycling route in Mallorca, it surely packs a punch with nearly 1,000 m of elevation gain. Located in the north-west of the island, it is considered one of the most famous cycling routes in Mallorca due to its magnificent views and picturesque lighthouse at the end which looks out over the Mediterranean Sea. 

Tips: The road is closed to cars from July to August between the hours of 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, so keep that in mind when planning. The route can be windy in parts, so be aware, and also stay concentrated on the road as there are sometimes small rock falls and even bypassing goats

Sa Calobra Cycle Route

  • Distance: 10 km
  • Elevation Gain: 670 m
  • Difficulty: Hard

This route could easily be considered the most famous cycling route in Mallorca due to its picturesque yet grueling climb. Its winding roads and stunning landscapes make it a true gem for cyclists in all of Europe, and due to the out-and-back nature of the route it is certainly one of the most mentally demanding. This route itself is short, and could certainly be done on its own if you have transportation to get you to and from the starting location, but it is a great add-on to a longer ride.

Tips: The weather on this part of the island can change rapidly and be slightly extreme, so be ready for wind, rain, and heat depending on when you go. Also popular amongst tourists, the road can be filled with cars depending on when you go, so keep that in mind when planning. There is a narrow tunnel near the bottom which is shared by cars and cyclists alike, so be cautious when approaching it

Llucmajor to Porreres (and beyond) Cycle Route

  • Distance: 50 km
  • Elevation Gain: 330 m
  • Difficulty: Medium

Passing through some of the most idyllic countryside on all the island, this cycling route in Mallorca takes you from Llucmajor to Campos, Porreres, Algaida and back. As you pass through the countryside you’ll come across rustic Mallorcan farms and numerous defense towers from the 16th century.

Tips: The route contains roads which can be fairly narrow, so keep that in mind when coming up on curves or hidden bends. It is also an inland route meaning that temperatures can either be extremely hot in the summer or frigid cold in the winter, so plan appropriately

Palma to Arenal Cycle Route

  • Distance: 18 km
  • Elevation Gain: 0 m
  • Difficulty: Easy

Palma is full of numerous bike paths, but without a doubt the most popular Palma cycling route is the one from Porto Pi to S’Arenal. Running along the seafront, this path allows you to pass by marinas, beaches, and plenty of restaurants and storefronts. You’ll pass by Palma neighborhoods such as Portixol, Molinar, Ciudad Jardin, and the famous Playa de Palma.

Tips: This easy cycling route in Mallorca is very busy during the summer months as it connects one of the largest tourist areas of the island to Palma, so keep this in mind when planning your journey. The path can also be quite narrow in parts, and is also shared by skaters, rollerbladers, and other wheeled devices, so take plenty of precaution when cycling. There are plenty of places to rent bikes in Palma and S’Arenal, so just pick one and enjoy your leisurely ride!

Sencelles Cycle Route

  • Distance: 50 km
  • Elevation Gain:  330 m
  • Difficulty: Medium

This loop in the center of the island is another chance to enjoy the picturesque countryside of Mallorca by bike. Passing through small villages like Santa Maria del Camí, Pòrtol and several others, you’ll be able to take in the beauty of some of the local vineyards. This charming route is suitable for most levels of cyclists.

Tips: Similar to the Llucmajor cycling route, this route is located in the center of the island which means it is generally hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, so plan accordingly. Be sure and stop off in one or two of the towns to enjoy a coffee, snack or water refuel

Northeastern Cycle Route

  • Distance: 160 km
  • Elevation Gain: 1,900 m
  • Difficulty: Hard

The final Mallorca cycling route is a large loop of the northeastern portion of the island which offers a bit of everything. Passing through the country villages of Sa Pobla, Muro, Porreres and Felanitx, the route then curves along the eastern coast as it passes through towns like Portocristo, Son Servera and Capdepera. The route ultimately curves back around to pass through Can Picafort and Playa de Muro. With picturesque country landscapes to mountainous climbs, this ride is no breeze in the park.

Tips: As it is a longer route be sure and pack appropriate clothing should the weather change. The northern portion of the route along Can Picafort and Playa de Muro can be quite busy during the summer months, so plan accordingly. There will be plenty of towns to stop off in and refuel, but be sure and take cash with you just in case cards aren’t accepted. 

So there you have it, our list of the best cycling routes in Mallorca! This list could certainly extend well beyond these routes, and is by no means all-encompassing, but it gives you a starting point for your next cycling holiday in Mallorca.

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Photo by 8bar bikes / License

Mallorca Cycling Races

As one of Europe’s premier cycling destinations, Mallorca is home to some of the best cycling races and events in the region. While you can come nearly any time of year and enjoy the pristine cycling conditions the island has to offer, more serious cyclists may want to test themselves in one of Mallorca’s bike races.

Mallorca 312

The island’s most popular cycling race takes place at the end of April each year. Covering 312 km, the race moves from the Tramuntana Mountains to the Mallorcan countryside to the coastal areas. Oh, and did we mention you have a mere 14 hours to complete it? 

It should be noted that the race also offers loops of 225 km and 167 km for those riders who are looking for something a little more their speed.

Mallorca Cycling Challenge

This event is designed for top professional cyclists and counts towards the World Cup. The four one-day races are usually used by cyclists and their teams to prepare for the upcoming season. While the event is for professional cyclists only, it is a great way to combine a cycling holiday in Mallorca with the chance to see some of the world’s best cyclists.

Mallorca Sportive

This event is for amateurs and professionals and takes place over the course of three days. The cycling route is a loop that starts and finishes in the Port of Alcudia and takes you through some of the island’s most breathtaking countryside. Whether you want to take part or just watch, this is a great chance to close out the cycling season on a truly picturesque Mediterranean island.

While there are new events popping up all the time, these are a few opportunities to either test yourself as a cyclist or see some of the world’s best at work. One thing that we can conclude is Mallorca’s global standing as one of the best places to enjoy cycling year-round!

Cycling Hotels in Mallorca

With Mallorca being such an incredible cycling destination, the local hotels have adapted to ensure guests on cycling holidays have a truly wonderful and stress-free experience. There are many cycling hotels to choose from on the island, but there are none better than the three cycling hotels by Blau!

At Blau PortoPetro, Blau Punta Reina, and Blau Colonia Sant Jordi you’ll have access to not only amazing facilities and equipment, but also access to some of the best biking on the island right at your doorstep.

Cycling Friendly has teamed up with Blau Hotels & Resorts and created cycling routes direct from Blau PortoPetro and Blau Punta Reina, while Blau Colonia Sant Jordi has partnered with Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays to provide a one-of-a-kind cycling experience. 

The combination of excellent biking facilities, direct routes just outside your door, and some of the best hotels in Mallorca for a leisure holiday, means you really can’t go wrong with Blau Hotels & Resorts for your next cycling holiday in Mallorca!

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Blau Punta Reina, your cycling hotel in Mallorca!

So…let’s go cycling in Mallorca!

Whether you’re planning a trip specifically around cycling, or maybe you want to dabble in it during your beach holiday, one thing is certain…Mallorca is truly an ideal place to go cycling. From towering mountains with steep climbs to tranquil countrysides to stunning coastal landscapes, you really can’t go wrong on two-wheels here. 

So pack your bags, head on down to Mallorca and enjoy these incredible cycling routes!