Are you getting ready for that holiday? There’ll be sun, beach, sea, food, drink, music, parties, events and relaxation. A lot of relaxation! Certainly you can’t fit much more into your ‘to do’ list! But first, let’s go over that order of priorities. We know that the first thing you want to do when you get to Majorca is to stretch out on your towel and, finally, close your eyes and feel how those muscles are slowly relaxing. The island has that special magnetism that makes you quickly get into the holiday mood. Whether you have opted to stay in a hotel, or if you prefer to have the independence of an apartment or stay at a friend’s home, the truth is that we want you to make the most of those relaxing ‘get away from it all’ days by taking full advantage of the island. Why not? Go for it! Would you like to know what we recommend from Blau Hotels for Holidays? Keep reading!

Obligatory visit to the beaches

The first stop, and of vital importance, has to be to get to know the Mediterranean paradise. Going to Majorca and not visiting its beautiful beaches is like going to the fiestas of Sant Joan and not trying the Xoriguer gin in its proper measure. There are lots of beaches in all shapes and sizes. Though Majorcans are fond of calling any patch of sand that joins the sea a ’beach’ no matter how small and they have a right to; the truth is that there is a list of top beaches in Majorca that you must to see so you can soak up the Mediterranean spirit.

  • What we recommend.  If you want to be captivated by the turquoise Majorcan waters, visit Cala Mondragó, Cala S’Almunia and Caló des Moro, in the municipality of Santanyí, Cala Varques, in Manacor, Sa Calobra, in Escorca, the little beaches and coves of the development of Calas de Mallorca, Cala San Vicenç and Formentor beach, in the ​​Pollença area and the beautiful beach of Es Trenc, located in front of the Majorcan salt flats, a few minutes from the Colonia de Sant Jordi.

A hotel day

Once the desire for the beach is quenched, it’s time to continue with the relaxing therapy. And why not give yourself a treat? We suggest a very special plan for you to enjoy a different experience in an exclusive hotel in the Colonia de Sant Jordi, one of the most charming fishing villages of Majorca, where you will also be next to Es Trenc beach.

  • What we recommend.  With the Day / Night Pass offer of the Blau Colonia de Sant JordiResort & Spa you can enjoy an entire day of complete relaxation in a hotel where you will feel totally cared for by a wonderful team of staff. This offer includes access to swimming pools, spa, sports facilities, entertainment program, parking, two restaurants with food and dinner service and the hotel’s Wi-Fi service. You can opt for a day pass, from 10 in the morning until 18:00 in the afternoon, and for a night pass, from 16:00 in the afternoon until midnight. Or try both and see what plan fits you best 😉

Try it all!

You truly get to know a place by its cuisine and Majorca can boast of having some delicacies that you will love. Although the island is famous for its days of sun and heat, the truth is that its cuisine is not phased by the temperature, giving us succulent stews, abundant desserts and main dishes that go really well for your meals and dinners on a terrace … Or maybe that ideal snack to pair with a vermouth … Or with an exquisite wine from the local area.

  • What we recommend.  Don’t worry about the local food. There are loads of recipes and perhaps you have other priorities on your trip, but if you don’t want to miss out on the experience of those dishes, take a pencil and make note: the first thing on the list is undoubtedly the coca of Trampó (savory flatbread), a Majorcan iconic dish that will make your mouth water. The Arrós Brut (rice dish), the suckling pig, the tumbet, the fried fish and the llampuga fish are the 5 essentials from Majorca. In addition to, of course, local wines and desserts. Ensaimada (cream cake) and pastries, cardinal of Lloseta, coca de patata, robiols … Would anyone like a little herb cup?

Festivities, fairs, plazas and more parties

In Majorca there is so much to do … Don’t imagine that it’s just sun and beach. No. The heat arrives and the island embellishes itself with markets, fairs and acclaimed festivals and popular festivities. The streets of Palma, the capital, are filled with that special glow that invites you to have a drink on one of the terraces in the old town. Which are the best? Take it easy and choose to do a good selection of fairs, events and parties to get to know Majorca’s most cultural side.

  • What we recommend.  Start with a nice walk around Palma and visit the old town, Las Ramblas, Paseo del Borne and the Cathedral. If you want to see what is happening in the villages of Majorca, we recommend you make a quick visit to the festival of Moors and Christians of Pollença held in August, to the legendery Noche de San Juan, which is organized for June 23rd and it is a show of lights, fireworks and music. From July the patron saint festivities of each town begin and, with them, the long awaited festivals that will last until mid-September. If you are a wine lover, les Festes del Vermar, the harvest parties, in the village of Binissalem will give you the best of Majorcan wine, as well as organizing various games, workshops and shows. If you are one of those who happily spend time in the markets, you have to go to the Consell market every Sunday, to Son Fuster and Santa María, on Saturdays, and to Sineu, held every Wednesday.

Are you ready?

Grab this minimal survival guide and let yourself be carried away by the slow pace of the island. And if you feel in a bit of a panic, on the official blog of Blau Hotels for Holidays you can consult a large number of plans, activities, tips and useful information so you don’t run out of ideas. In addition, there are websites such as where you can check all the events and festivals that are organized on the island.

We’d like to accompany you on your holidays with Blau Hotels for Holidays.

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