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Majorca, an ideal place to enjoy outdoor sports. Our island is a treasure chest for those who seek exciting water sports – with sailing, surfing or kitesurfing -, or in the mountains – with hiking or climbing – as well as our tracks and roads. Discovering Majorca by bike (what has been labelled cycle tourism) is something more than just a fad; It’s an authentic experience that takes you to unique and charming corners of our landscape and points with breath-taking views.

You have just a mere 1,250 kilometres of road to choose from, of which just over 20 percent are mountainous. Some routes are still considered for the professional circuit and there are many professional cyclists (some still active) who choose Majorca to prepare for the season’s competitions. Examples we can mention include the legendary Stephen Roche and the great Miguel Indurain.

The different microclimates that you can find on the island make cycling in Majorca very fun and very enjoyable, as you will have stretches of sun, sometimes with humidity, clouds or even rain; all this added to mountain roads and other coastal paths.

And since you already know the many weather conditions that you can find on your cycling days on our island, you only have to choose the perfect route for you. Which are the best? Why choose one over another? When should you do them? Take note as we go through some of the routes from the North to the South with great views for you to choose from 🙂

  • La Ruta de Algaida: You will have to be well prepared because the route is inland and can be quite cold. Besides that, the truth is that it is an impressive route that will make you enjoy as never before. Our first option covers the route through Algaida, Sencelles, Rubert and Pina. A 25 kilometre road of medium difficulty where you can discover the vineyards of Sencelles and the beautiful buildings of Algaida passing through narrow quieter roads.
  • La Ruta de Pollença: With a starting point in the beautiful Port de Pollença, this second route will show you the difference between the North and South because from Pollença you will go down to Campanet, Selva, Inca, Sencelles and Campos (about 20 minutes by car from Palma, yes that close). Suggested for cycle tourism experts, the whole route could take you more than 5 hours and we are talking about more than 80 kilometres. Although you will pass nearby some incredible areas such as the Formentor Lighthouse and the Es Trenc Beach.
  • La Ruta de Sencelles: The route of the vineyards (as it is also known as around an area where there are many wineries) is charming and suitable for all participants. This 19 kilometre route runs through Sencelles and Santa Eugenia and in reality, it feels shorter as you immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape. What more could you ask for? Do not hesitate to take a pit-stop at both towns because (although rather small) they have very magical characteristics.
  • La Ruta de Llucmajor: With 30 kilometres that can be covered in just over two hours, the Llucmajor route is of medium difficulty which you can tackle without problems if you take it easy. Although the path of this route is narrow, it allows you to see an abundance of typical rustic Majorcan farms as well as numerous defensive towers from the XVI century. Without a doubt, an option for history lovers.

Cycling in Mallorca (or coming to the island in search of the popular bicycle touring) remains one of the best alternatives for exploring our landscape and a different set of wheels to cars. From north to south, from mountain to coast, the island offers visitors unique settings that are even more enjoyable by bike. If you have chosen our island to relax and enjoy one of the most entertaining sports, do not hesitate to consult our special service for cyclists that Blau Hotels for Holidays has installed at the Blau Colonia Sant Jordi Resort & Spa and that also provides the rental of bicycles, workshop, individual locks and information and organization of the routes in the form of our team of professionals at Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays.