The Island of Cabrera

A captivating island of myths, a nature reserve of great ecological value, wonderful landscapes, crystal clear waters… the Cabrera archipelago offers a truly unique experience for you to enjoy during your holidays in Majorca.

Cabrera is an uninhabited island that you can visit during summer to discover its secrets, its rich wildlife and the gem known as the Cova Blava, a sheltered cove where you can swim amongst the turquoise waters and reflections of light.

The Cabrera archipelago boasts a protected status as it has been declared a National Park and Specially Protected Area of Importance of the Mediterranean. With this declaration, it safeguards Cabrera from any urban development on the island, in addition to other guarantees that intend to preserve this paradise at sea.

Whilst camping is not allowed on Cabrera, you can enjoy the tales of pirates and convictions,  its prestigious environment, marinelife, more than 500 recognised species and, above all, the coves where you can swim with the utmost tranquility.

There are several companies that provide services to visit Cabrera, starting from the towns of Colonia de Sant Jordi (Ses Salines), La Ràpita and Santanyí. You can also find in Colonia de Sant Jordi a visitors centre that lets you discover the historical, maritime and ecological wealth that Cabrera possesses.

A paradise within the Mediterranean… with a military past

The island of Cabrera was used several times as a prison island due to its limited territory (16 km²) and the difficulty to escape from it. Its most famous period as somewhere to hold prisoners captive, occurred during the War of Independence against the French troops of Napoleon.

Although there is a difference in opinions according to sources, from the 18,000 French soldiers who landed on the island of Cabrera between 1809 and 1814, only between 3,000 and 4,000 managed to survive as prisoners with hardly any means to survive, since the island lacked buildings to protect so many of those held captive, many of them became ill… with only limited water sources, fishing, some goats and lizards as a means of survival.

The paradise on Earth that is Cabrera was once hell for the prisoners who arrived there. The echoes of the past resonate in the present, but without a doubt Cabrera’s present is another matter, much more pleasant and enchanting. It emerges as the perfect trip from Colonia de Sant Jordi. Getting lost around the island of Cabrera is always pleasant experience to enjoy. And for this, the Blau Colonia de Sant Jordi hotel is your ideal partner. Our reception staff will help you with the planning and tourist information you need about Cabrera so that you can experience unique moments and at the best price. Discover all of our proposals in order to enjoy Majorca the way you want to.