Que hacer en Mallorca 2019

Come and fall in love with Mallorca!

Our little island in the Mediterranean is drenched in sun, offering some of the most pristine waters and picturesque beaches you will ever see. The island will take your breathe away with its fairytale sunsets, delicious cuisine and its rich culture.

We want you to see the true beauty of Mallorca and experience its authentic culture while you are here, and for that reason we have created this list especially for you which details all the best things to do in Mallorca. We’ll explore the best places in Mallorca, what to see in Mallorca and everything in between so that you fall in love with this truly special place!

In this section we will add recommendations so that you fully enjoy the place or activity which we have proposed. Do you feel there is something which we haven’t included in our list? We would love your suggestions! Share your Majorca holidays with us on our social media networks by including the hashtag #BlauHotelsExperiences and #BlauTips and help other travelers discover the beauty of Mallorca. Or if you prefer, you can also write us an email which details your experience.

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Category: Historic monument
Location: Palma
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Price: Single Visit: 8€ / Terrace: €12
Distance: Punta Reina (67 km / 1 hr.), PortoPetro (61 km / 55 min.), Sant Jordi (53 km / 45 min.)
Address: Plaza de la Seu s/n, 07001 Palma
Telephone: +34 971 71 31 33
Website: https://catedraldemallorca.org/en/

Summer Hours: 10:00am – 6:15pm. Service from 8:30am – 9:45am.
April, May and October Hours: 10:00am – 5:15pm. Service from 8:30am – 9:45am.
November and March Hours: 10:00am – 3:15pm. Service from 8:30am – 9:45am.
Saturdays and Holiday Hours: 10:00am – 2:15pm. Service at 9:00am and from 6:30pm – 7:45pm.
Sunday Service Hours: 8:30am – 1:45pm and 6:30pm – 7:45pm.

palma cathedral
Photo by mgphotography.uk / License

The Palma Cathedral (more formally referred to as the Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca) is known by the locals as La Seu, and is a historical 13th-century emblem of the Levantine Gothic style. This architectural gem boasts one of the largest rosettes in the world, better known as “The Gothic Eye”. This very rosette is responsible for providing the famous show of “8 in La Seu,” a phenomenon where twice a year the sunlight hits the rosette perfectly, projecting a beautifully coloured figure 8 on the opposite wall in the cathedral with an accompanying rosette. In addition to its impressive interior, during the months of May to October you can access its upper terrace where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Balearic capital. You can also book a guided tour on their website where you will learn about the history of this spectacular cathedral in Palma and the collaboration of renowned artists such as Miquel Barceló.

If you want to head to the capital of the Balearic Islands to experience the beauty of the Palma Cathedral, we recommend that you do not come on a rainy day as Palma isn’t well equipped for handling rain. If you come by car then Palma Cathedral parking can be found in the Parque del Mar car park, located just a 10 minute walk from the cathedral. And since you’ll already be in Palma, take the opportunity to tour the beautiful Palma old town and enjoy ice cream at the emblematic cafe of Can Joan de S’Aigo.


Category: Beach
Location: Southeast Mallorca
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Distance: Punta Reina (47 km / 50 min.), PortoPetro (33 km / 35 min.), Sant Jordi (6 km / 12 min.)
Address: Campos (between Colònia de Sant Jordi and Ses Covetes)

es trenc beach mallorca
Photo by Greg_Men / License

The Es Trenc beach, in the region of Campos, is one of the true gems of the island which must be visited during your holidays in Majorca. Extending over two and a half kilometres, Es Trenc is considered one of the best beaches in Mallorca for various reasons: fine white sand, glistening turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, surrounding forest and excellent climate. Visitors of this immaculate beach can enjoy views of the island of Cabrera, cool off with a drink and snack in one of the chiringuitos (beach bars) and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters. There are also several restaurants in Es Trenc where you can enjoy a nice meal next to the water. The most famous being S’Embat which is just a few minutes walk from the beach. Here you can enjoy delicious paellas, fish and various local dishes while listening to live music. The S’Embat Mallorca restaurant is truly a great place for families, couples and groups of friends. It should also be noted that Es Trenc is frequented by naturists and nudists. While there is no officially marked area of the beach for nudists, there is one enclave where nudism is practiced most. Finally, if you’d like a bit of history, Es Trenc is still home to some machine gun bunkers from WWII which were never used. They remain standing and have become works of art with various paintings, as well as verses from Mallorcan poet Miquel Costa i Llobera. The area of Es Trenc has also been recognized as a Natural Area of Special Interest due to its wide variety of flora and fauna.

Es Trenc parking is not always an easy task. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive early and leave your car in the new car park that has been built in the area, and from there you can take the shuttle bus to the beach. The price of parking is around 5€ for the whole day and the bus comes roughly every 20 minutes. This beach also doesn’t have much shade, so we advise that you purchase a beach umbrella or rent one of the beach chairs and umbrellas at the beach (€20 / day or €10 / half day). It’s also recommendable to bring a cooler with drinks and water, and of course, sunscreen!


Category: Natural wonder
Location: Porto Cristo
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Price: €15 for adults, €8 for kids aged 3 to 12
Distance: Punta Reina (4 km / 8 min.), PortoPetro (29 km / 35 min.), Sant Jordi (52 km / 50 min.)
Address: Carretera de les Coves, s/n, 07680 Porto Cristo
Telephone: +34 971 82 07 53
Website: http://www.cuevasdeldrach.com/en/

November 1st to March 10th daily opening times: 10:45am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:30pm
March 11th to October 31st daily opening times: 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm and 5:00pm

Photo by Stefan Kellner / License

One of the best places to visit in Mallorca, hands down! Discovered in the Middle Ages, Cuevas del Drach consists of four caves which are all interconnected and allow for an hour-long tour through the impressive underground rock formations. Halfway through the tour you will enjoy a boat ride on Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world, while at the same time listening to the sweet symphonies of a string quartet. The caves are also very well lit so that guests of all ages can enjoy their serene beauty.

Buy your Cuevas del Drach tickets online! On the official website of Cuevas del Drach you can buy your tickets at a discounted rate and avoid queues. If you will be going by car, then there is plenty of free parking in the area. You can also take the #441 TIB bus to the caves from Blau Punta Reina Resort.


The beauty of Mallorca is on full display in this rural mountain town, nestled amongst a picturesque valley in the Tramuntana mountains. This quaint mountain village boasts ancient blonde stone houses and charming streets dotted with shops, art galleries, cafes and much more. The town is set to a backdrop of olive, oak and almond trees which line the towering mountains. Ruled by Arabs for over 300 years, the town is rich in history and culture. There are many things to do in Valldemossa, but here we will highlight two of our favourites:

cartuja de valldemossa mallorca
Photo by Glen Bowman / License

Cartuja de Valldemossa

Category: Historic monument
Location: Valldemossa
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Price: General: €12 / Students: €6 / Groups (10+): €8.50 / Tour Only: €3
Distance: Punta Reina (80 km / 1 hr. 15 min.), PortoPetro (77 km / 1 hr. 10 min.), Sant Jordi (70 km / 1 hr.)
Address: Plaça Cartoixa, S/N, 07170 Valldemossa
Telephone: +34 971 61 21 06
Website: https://www.cartoixadevalldemossa.com/en/

Visiting the Cartuja de Valldemossa (the Valldemossa Charterhouse in English) is like taking a trip back in time which begins in the year 1309 when King Jaime II ordered the construction of the palace. The palace was built for his son, who suffered from asthma so that he could live in cleaner air conditions in the mountains. When the Kingdom of Mallorca joined the kingdom of the Crown of Aragon in 1349, the residence was no longer needed to house royals and was eventually donated to Carthusian monks who began making changes to the old palace. In 1717 the monks built a new monastery which was attached to the palace. After 400 years of living in the monastery, the Spanish government forcibly took the Charterhouse of Valldemossa in 1835 and sold it to individuals as residences. Famous artists and writers stayed at the palace during this period such as George Sand, Frederic Chopin, Rubén Dario and many more. Today the palace is a monument for everyone to enjoy.

If you are coming by car to Valldemossa then you can park in the paid car park at the entrance of the town, or along the streets where you must also pay. La Cartuja is located in the centre of this magical Mallorcan town, and we recommend relaxing in one of the many coffee shops along the main avenue either before or after your visit so you can try local favourites such as coca de patata, coca de cuarto, ensaimada and much more.

Photo by Aleksasfi / License

Valldemossa Chopin Museum

Category: Museum
Location: Valldemossa
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Price: General: €4 / Kids (10 years old or less): €2
Distance: Punta Reina (80 km / 1 hr. 15 min.), PortoPetro (77 km / 1 hr. 10 min.), Sant Jordi (70 km / 1 hr.)
Address: Celda 4, Plaza de Cartuja, 07170 Valldemossa
Telephone: +34 696 40 59 92
Website: http://www.celdadechopin.es/

The Frederic Chopin & George Sand Museum in Valldemossa is a must-see during your visit to this beautiful town. Located next to the Cartuja de Valldemossa, the museum houses special artifacts from the Polish composer and French writer. The two met in the summer of 1838 and decided to spend the following winter on the island of Mallorca. They stayed at the Valldemossa Charterhouse during the majority of their time on the island, and it was here that Chopin completed the collection of 24 preludes. Chopin and Sand’s time in Mallorca wasn’t fairytale-esque as the two encountered a winter heavy with rain. They also struggled to acclimate to the diet, fell ill several times and Chopin’s imported piano was lost during transport. Composing music on a poor-quality Mallorcan piano until his imported piano was found, Chopin had to make do with what was available. Upon their departure from the island, many of their items were burnt by locals as they were afraid of tuberculosis. Today you can still find the original piano and many other artifacts from Chopin and Sand at this charming museum in Valldemossa.

Much like the Cartuja de Valldemossa, we recommend parking either in the main parking lot at the entrance of the town or along the streets. A reminder that you will need to pay for parking. You should also enjoy the lovely streets of Valldemossa where you will find cafes, restaurants and plenty of little shops. At no additional cost, you can also enjoy the beautiful garden area after your visit to the Chopin Museum.


Category: Aquarium
Location: Palma
Activity: Families and couples
Price: Adults: €25.50 / Kids: €14
Distance: Punta Reina (60 km / 53 min.), PortoPetro (53 km / 56 min.), Sant Jordi (45 km / 40 min.)
Address: C/ Manuela de los Herreros I Sorà, 21, 070610 Palma
Telephone: +34 902 70 29 02
Website: https://palmaaquarium.com/en
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5:00pm (last entry), closes at 6:30pm

One of the island’s most visited tourist attractions, the Palma Aquarium is a must-visit during your holiday to Mallorca. Ideal for families and couples, the aquarium is home to 55 tanks which house over 700 different species of marine life from the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The most famous tank in the aquarium is without a doubt “Big Blue” which is 8.5m deep and home to 11 sharks of two different species: the graceful sand shark and nimble sandbar shark. The Palma Aquarium is also home to many interactive displays and educational activities, great for all ages. A few of the activities include the AquaDome which is a 3D experience that takes you to the depths of the ocean, the Shark Vision Boat where you can take a boat ride in the shark tank on a boat with a glass bottom and Diving With Sharks where you can get an up-close and personal experience with our Palma Aquarium sharks. With so much more to experience at one of Europe’s largest aquariums, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

If you are coming by car you can utilize the free Palma Aquarium parking which is next to the ticket offices or the public underground car park (discount offered for aquarium guests). Otherwise, you can search in the surrounding neighbourhood where parking is free. We also advise buying your tickets online beforehand so that you can clearly see the prices and all the add-ons which are offered. Food is also a bit pricey in the aquarium so don’t hesitate to bring in some snacks. And finally, the aquarium recommends around 2-3 hours to see all the exhibits, but don’t hesitate to block out more time so you can enjoy every inch of this incredible facility.


Category: Excursion
Location: Palma to Soller / Port de Soller
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Price: Palma – Port de Soller – Palma: €32
Distance: Punta Reina (66 km / 1 hr.), PortoPetro (63 km / 1 hr.), Sant Jordi (55 km / 50 min.)
Address: Calle de Eusebi Estada 1, 07004 Palma
Telephone: +34 971 75 20 51
Website: http://trendesoller.com/en/
**Please refer to website for all ticket prices and all schedules

soller train mallorca
Photo by Olaf Tausch / License

Almost mandatory during your holiday to Mallorca, the Soller Train (or Tren de Soller as it is known locally) offers a journey from Palma to Soller full of picturesque scenery and unique history. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the railroad was designed to relieve Soller of its isolation from the rest of the island. With Soller tucked away in the Tramuntana Mountains and its booming industry, the time was right for the railroad to be built to help with the area’s development. Over 100 years later, the railroad and trains are still in use and maintain their handcrafted details and traditional style. The journey for most begins in Palma and passes through the beautiful landscapes of Bunyola before twisting and turning, climbing and dropping through the picturesque mountains. Throughout the journey, you will encounter various tunnels, bridges and arched viaducts. The price of the train all the way to Soller is €25, and if you’d like to complete the route to the Port de Soller you can take the electric tram which costs an extra €7. If you would like to go to the Port de Soller, we highly recommend stopping in Soller before continuing your journey. The central plaza in Soller is wonderful and is home to numerous cafes and restaurants. One of the central pieces of the plaza is the Sant Bartomeu Church, whose facade and architectural design belong to Joan Rubió, one of Antoni Gaudí’s disciples. Gaudí’s collaboration on the Church of Soller attracts visitors from all over the world who want to see it’s spectacular exteriors and detailed interiors. Soller is also known for its oranges and almond slushies among other delicacies, so don’t be shy in trying a few!

Tren de Soller tickets must be purchased in person at the station itself. They advise arriving 40 minutes early to ensure you can purchase tickets for the train you want. Be sure to check the train schedule online as well as it varies during different parts of the year. If you will be going to Palma by car then the easiest place to park is in the Plaza de España car park, which is located just a few minutes walk from the Palma train station. The station itself offers a bar where you can relax and enjoy a drink and snack before taking your train. Also be sure to bring sunscreen, water and your camera!


Category: Viewpoint and restaurant
Location: Close to Deià
Activity: Family, couple, friends or alone
Price: Viewpoint: free / Restaurant: see website
Distance: Punta Reina (88 km / 1 hr. 20 min), PortoPetro (85 km / 1 hr. 20 min.), Sant Jordi (76 km / 1 hr. 10 min.)
Address: Ctra. de Valldemossa km. 65, 07179 Deià
Telephone: +34 971 63 60 84 (Restaurant Na Foradada)
Website: http://naforadada.es/en/

Sa Foradada Mallorca
Photo by Saru / License

A very popular spot with the locals (and for a good reason!), we highly recommend a visit to the lookout point of Sa Foradada to have a drink, enjoy some great music and watch the sunset across the glistening Mediterranean Sea. Located past Valldemossa and just before the quaint town of Deià, the lookout point sits high up in the Tramuntana mountains and offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find a tiny bar which offers great drinks at a good price, as well as the Na Foradada Restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal with a spectacular view. From the viewpoint you will be able to not only see spectacular views, but also an incredible rock hole carved into the peninsula which juts out from the island down below. Especially great for couples and groups of friends, this is a fantastic way to spend a romantic or fun evening amongst the people closest to you while surrounded by some of the islands most spectacular scenery.

The easiest way to get to the lookout point is by car, but beware that parking isn’t always easy. The small parking area right by the lookout point fills up quickly and can be difficult to manoeuvre. If you will be visiting with people who are capable of walking a bit, we highly advise parking along the road. Otherwise, you can arrive several hours before sunset and park in the parking lot next to the lookout point. If you would like to have a lovely dinner at the Na Foradada Restaurant then we advise making a reservation. You can either call or do so directly on their website. Finally, we recommend combining this adventure with the visit to Valldemossa as they are very close to each other.

Mallorca is full of well-known tourist attractions, as well as hidden gems which are mostly known to the locals. We hope this guide has provided you an idea of some of the best things to see in Mallorca! With activities for families, couples, friends and individuals, our tiny paradise in the Mediterranean has so much to see and do. We also hope you’ll share your own experiences with us, and if there is anything you feel we should add to the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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